Reinhart Coffee: Plantation-coffee  "Minas Gerais"

100% Arabica from Brazil

Brazil Arabica Coffee, Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima Cerrado, organic cultivation according to BCS.

Fazenda signifies that the coffee comes from a farm. The Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm covers 230 ha of land. Our Brazilian bean comes from the state of Minas Gerais, from a farm in the southeast of Brazil. It is located close to Sao Paulo, on the southern hemisphere. The harvest here takes place between May and July. In the Cerrada? region Bourbon varieties of the Arabica bean are cultivated. They develop a mild and spicy flavour there.

Brazil is the largest Arabica-bean producer worldwide. The beans of the Fazenda are dry-processed - this can be recognised by the centre-cut in the bean. Brazilian coffee is favoured because of its mild aroma and its low acidity. The authentic flavour profiles, which are characteristic for our Sidamo coffee, are, to many consumers, too intense.

Our coffee beans are Bio Suisse certified after the BCS ├ľkogarantie GmbH principles.