Reinhart Coffee: Garden Coffee "Sidamo"

100% Arabica – coffee beans from Ethiopia, grade 2, bio-cultivation according to  BCS.
Cup: medium acidity, good body, very clean cup, flavour: chocolaty, sweet, characteristic Sidamo flavour.

Our coffee comes exclusively from the Sidamo region in Ethiopia. The coffee plant thrives as an undergrowth plant in wet-dry mountain forests and grows at 1200 – 1800 metres altitude. The main harvest takes place from October until December, the post-harvest from December until January.

After the harvest, the bean needs to be processed through removal of the pulp. Because of its high quality, our coffee is wet-processed.

Almost half the country’s population works on coffee farms. That is why the export of coffee is an important source of income for Ethiopia.

98% of the Ethiopian coffee is planted by smallholders whose coffee gardens are not bigger than 10,000 square metres. The nourishing and cherishing of each coffee bush makes itself felt by an exquisite flavour in the cup later on. That is why it is referred to garden- instead of plantation coffee.