27 Guatemala


Reinhart Coffee: Plantation coffee "Finca Ceylan"

100% Arabica Bourbon from Guatemala,  bio-cultivation according to OCIA standards, organic cup : nutty freshness/bouquet,  fragrant aroma and a generous taste.

The coffee farm Finca Ceylan y Anexos is situated in Guatemala in the region of Atitlàn and is family-owned since 1870. The farm covers about 400 ha land, and apart from coffee (268 ha), products such as oranges, bananas and ‘Platano’ (cooking bananas) are being cultivated. Initially, Banana trees were planted to shade the coffee trees. Today, they are also a good source of income. Local labourers work on the farm, in order to support the local job market.

Finca Ceylan supports the construction of houses, drinking-water supply and education for employees and their children. Employees also benefit from the cultivation of other products such as oranges, bananas and ‘Platano’ (cooking bananas). The farm is concerned with the preservation of the surrounding river area and its natural vegetation.  The water needed for the coffee preparation is obtained from own sources and is subsequently cleaned and filtered. The coffee beans are certified as organic by the American OCIA and comply with the Biosuisse standard. Find more information under www.ocia.org.