Family Tradition

"In my home town, Emmerich, the aroma of roasting coffee accompanied me from an early age”, my father C.H von Gimborn reports in his book Kaffeerösten, Geschichte und Technik (2007).  
As far as I can remember, coffee was the topic talk of the day. My father loved to report on the day’s work and to bring home guests from all over the world. He was manager and partner of the family business Probat, a worldwide leading manufacturer of roasting plants. I grew up in a hospitable household with a constant flow of visitors.
My father taught me how to roast coffee and further educated me in the training centre at Probat.

During my course of studies at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), I extended my knowledge of process engineering and food chemistry in the field of coffee. After graduation, I was charged with the packaging technology at SIG Beringen - also with coffee packaging amongst other things.
For the last couple of years, I am the proud owner of a high-quality shop roaster and dedicated to coffee roasting.

I always specially cared for the Ethiopian coffee varieties, particularly for those from the Sidamo region. I was immediately convinced of the high quality of 100% Arabica green-coffee, and so are my customers. My customers also appreciate the BCS organic certificate which corresponds with the Swiss Bio Suisse Standard.