The green coffee bean

Green coffee is classified in three species. Within these species the different coffee varieties are classified according to land and/ or region of their origin.

Coffea Arabica

60 – 70% of the worldwide coffee production. The Arabica-beans are grown at altitudes of over 1000 metres. The higher the plantations, the slower the fruits mature and the stronger and fuller the taste is.

In many Central American countries it is spoken of ‘Strictly Hard Bean’ or ‘Strictly High Grown Bean’, whereby the coffee is classified according to the altitude. The quality of the African Arabica-bean is classified in 5 – 6 grades, depending on the consistent bean size and/ or the size of the filter and the purity of the green coffee. Just grade 1 and 2 are authorised for export.

Coffea Canephora (Robusta)

30 – 40% of the worldwide coffee production. Robusta coffee is normally grown under 1000 metres altitude. Compared with the Arabica, the Robusta bean is smaller and has not a curved, but a straight centre-cut.

Coffea Liberica

Due to its taste, the Liberica coffee is not as much appreciated. It has little significance for coffee-roasting businesses.